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Hill and Associates began in 1992 and was relaunched under its current name in 1999. From their corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, they have spread out from Asia into the Middle East with a network of 17 offices and over 350 employees in 12 countries.[1][2] They recruit out of special forces pools in England and elsewhere.

The Iraq War has been a boon to business, committing the company in the area for the long term as their clients' protective needs soar.


  • H&A has formed a "strategic partnership" with General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems to provide the Energy Sector with an "asset protection and enterprise security" infrastructure for their physical and cyber worlds.[3]
  • H&A has been in Iraq since June 2003 providing security for a variety of multinationals bidding on contracts to rebuild the bombed out infrastructure there. They are CPA authorized to carry weapons in country


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