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Hollinger Digital is the media management and investment arm of Hollinger International Inc.. Hollinger Digital provided financial backing to multiple business ventures, including:

Note: As of this writting (March 15, 2003), the URL http://www.hollinger.com/ appears to no longer work even though the domain is registered to the Chicago Sun-Times, a subsidiary of Hollinger International Inc.. Past versions of the web site can be accessed from Internet Archive.


The following personnel information is extracted from the Internet archives from 1999:

  • Matthew Doull, president and COO. Mr. Doull was co-founder of Britain's first commercial web site, Electronic Telegraph, and subsequently became associate publisher of Wired magazine. He joined Hollinger International as vice president of Technology & New Media in 1996.
  • Frederic R. Lebolt, vice president and vice president, New Media, Hollinger International. Previously he was director of Online Publications for the Chicago Sun-Times. Prior to joining the Chicago Sun-Times, he was managing editor of the Canadian The Financial Post.
  • Philip Kunsberg, executive vice president and general counsel since 1997. He served five years at Los Alomos Laboratory in New Mexico working on computer modeling of complex systems, simulations distribution on a network, and the use of system dynamics analysis to study human organizations and business management. Mr. Kunsberg was secretary of defense representative to the Defense and Space Negotiations with the former Soviet Union from 1990 to 1992 and assistant deputy undersecretary for policy in the Department of Defense from 1985 to 1990. Mr. Kunsberg's business experience includes commercial legal practice, service as a director of a national bank, and management of a commercial real estate business.
  • Daniel Conaghan, vice president, UK. A graduate of Oxford University, Mr. Conaghan worked in magazine and newsletter publishing before joining the Telegraph Group in 1991, working in both London and New York. He left in 1996 to head the on-line division of The Conde Nast Publications Ltd in London, where he developed contract publishing and content provision businesses. Mr. Conaghan joined Hollinger Digital in December 1997.
  • R. Michael Pilmer, vice president, Canada. Mr. Pilmer joined Southam in 1994 as project manager of Strategy and Analysis before becoming director of corporate development of Southam New Media in 1995. Responsible for restructuring the division, Mr. Pilmer was named director in the fall of 1996. Mr. Pilmer previously covered the media and communications industry for Toronto Dominion Bank.
  • Michelle van Gilder, vice president. Ms. van Gilder was associate of Corporate Development and Investor Relations at Hollinger International's New York office before joining Hollinger Digital. From 1990 to 1995 she was based in Washington, D.C. at the American Enterprise Institute as press and communications aide to Richard Perle and director of AEI's Bureau Chiefs Seminar.