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"Ignita Veritas is among only 5 universities in the world to be established as an inter-governmental (IGO) university with diplomatic status, after the United Nations University (UN 1973, Japan), European University Institute (EU 1976, Italy), Academy of European Law (EU 1992, Germany), and Euclid University (Treaty 2008, West Africa). IV University developed from 2007, was licensed and accredited in 2013, and became inter-governmental in 2016." [1] "VU is supported by Sovereign Patronage of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, a Crown Principality of statehood recognized by Papal Bulls from 1129 and 1139 AD, authorizing the University to operate Crown Institutes". "IVU provides its infrastructure resources as an inter-governmental organization (IGO) in support of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) alliance of countries, cooperating with NAM member states through its appointed Ambassadors." [2]

In 2013 their web site noted: "The Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS) evolved from decades of development and networking by numerous organizations of military veterans and national security veterans. History has proven that veterans are the primary keepers of their sworn oaths to protect and defend the critical infrastructure of society, and are the most disciplined and highly skilled experts that the civilian business world can solidly rely upon.

"The formation of ISIS was inspired by the Russian tradition of veterans associations being rightfully respected as the sworn guardians of public welfare and prosperity of their nation, dominating the spheres of licensed detective agencies, private investigation firms, armed guarding and executive protection services, and government contractors, as industry leaders.

"It was equally inspired by the American tradition of individual veterans being highly respected in private industry and commerce for their strong discipline, advanced skills, and unique leadership abilities, that make them ideal business executives who drive commerce and industry forward to prosperity.

"While ISIS developed through Russian and American government contractors working on active projects, its veteran experts learned the value of unique contributions by Arabic and Middle Eastern countries. As a popular cultural, political and commercial center of the Arabic world as well as the African continent, Egypt was chosen by ISIS as the most effective and agreeable territory for many cooperation projects.

"For international relations and UN-related projects, the neutral and independent jurisdiction of Switzerland was selected for general operations, as an international banking center and UN decision-making center." [1]

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