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The Independent Press Association is a non-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York City. Their "mission is to amplify the power of independent publications so as to foster a more just, open and democratic society. The IPA provides technical assistance, access to capital, and newsstand distribution services to over 400 member publications nationwide, including Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, The Nation, Harpers and more." [1]

"The December 2006 collapse of the San Francisco-based Independent Press Association (IPA) marks a low point in the recent history of independent media in the US. Founded in 1996 by John Anner, the IPA was a membership organization comprised of little and not so little magazines like Bitch, Mother Jones, and Clamor Magazine. Beginning as a community-based advocate for small publications, the IPA organized an annual conference and provided an emergency loan fund for its nearly 500 members. In 1999, the IPA absorbed the about-to-be-sold Big Top Distribution Service, moving from advocacy and organizational support into the world of getting its members’ magazines onto newsstand shelves. It was the financial debacle that consumed Big Top, under the (mis)management of IPA Executive Director Richard Landry, which eventually led to the implosion of the entire IPA in the winter of 2006." [2]