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Dr. Inger L. Stole is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Communications Research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


She wrote the book, "Advertising on Trial: Consumer Activism and Corporate Public Relations in the 1930s (History of Communication)," published in 2006.[1]

She "teaches Consumer Communication and the Public, an undergraduate course that explores various aspects of the public relations industry including its historical roots and modern applications. She also teaches two Master's level courses; a graduate seminar that explores the effects of advertising and commercialization on our cultural and social institutions and Advertising and the Consumer, a course that exposes students to newly published works in the fields of advertising and consumer culture." [2]

She is married to Robert McChesney.

Critique of Cause Related Marketing

CREDO (formerly Working Assets) is a private for-profit U.S. corporation that makes it's money from Cause-related marketing that offers mobile and long distance phone service, as well as a credit card service, to a politically liberal demographic. [3] It provides a small percentage of its annual profit to non-profit liberal and activist organizations. Inger Stole wrote, "Sometimes a company deliberately ties its identity so closely with its CRM efforts that it, by design or pure coincidence, appears to be a non-profit outfit itself. Working Assets (now CREDO) a for-profit company headquartered in San Francisco, is one example." [4]


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