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Insight Collaborative

"Founded in 2005 by Harvard graduates Patrick McWhinney and David Seibel, Insight Collaborative is a non-profit organization composed of established experts in conflict management. These executive consultants combine their practices with academic excellence, teaching at Harvard Law School, Georgetown University Law Center, Boston College Law School, Northeastern University, Dartmouth College, the University of Toronto, the University of Windsor, Queen’s University and other top centers for higher education (see Profiles). An international affiliation of conflict management academics and professionals, Insight Collaborative shares the philosophy of its sister company, Insight Partners, which helps individuals and organizations negotiate, mediate, and communicate more effectively. Insight Collaborative was formed to meet the education and dispute resolution services needs of the non-profit sector and underserved populations everywhere.

"At the heart of our philosophy is the assumption that good substantive results do not need to come at the expense of strong working relationships. Our approach to conflict management is based on ideas developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and outlined in the best-selling books Getting To Yes (Fisher and Ury, 1981) and Difficult Conversations (Stone, Heen and Patton, 1999). Over the past decade, our consultants have worked as part of the Harvard Negotiation Project and affiliated consulting firms to develop leading theory and advice on conflict management." [1]


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