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The World Federalist Movement (details of Movement's former names) "evolved out of a series of organizations and efforts that started in the 1930s as a response to the failure of the League of Nations. At the end of the violence of the Second World War, numerous citizens groups formed across Europe and North America to address the need for effective mechanisms of ensuring international peace and stability. The groups started working independently of each other, publishing newsletters and pushing for reform and monitoring of the newly formed United Nations. By 1947 these independent groups recognized the need for unity in their movement if they were to achieve unity in the world. They agreed to meet in Montreux, Switzerland in August 1947 to work on forming a cohesive and effective group...

"At first, world federalists sought fundamental revisions of the United Nations Charter. After 1965, however, it became apparent that any political will among the world’s national governments to change the Charter had dissipated. Later world federalists continued to propose reforms of existing institutions to make them more effective and democratic. Many focussed on the effort to transform the General Assembly into a world parliament that can enact world law instead of merely making non-binding resolutions. In addition, world federalists made proposals for new United Nations institutions and international organs, such as the Commission on Sustainable Development, International Development Authority, and International Criminal Court (ICC). In 1983 the Institute for Global Policy was founded to support research and writings about world federalism." [1]

  • Lois Wilson, President (2007-) (served as acting President from 2004 until 2007)
  • Sir Peter Ustinov , President (1991-2004)

Council (2012)

Accessed May 2012: [2]

(Note: An asterisk * denotes members of the WFM Executive Committee)

People (2008)

Executive Committee

Accessed December 2008: [3]


Accessed December 2008: [4]




  • Joseph Baratta, The Politics of World Federation: From World federalism to Global Governance (Praeger, 2004).

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