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The Institute of Development Studies "is a leading global organisation for research, teaching and communications on international development.

"IDS was founded in 1966 and enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of its work and its commitment to applying academic skills to real world challenges. Its purpose is to understand and explain the world, and to try to change it – to influence as well as to inform." [1]

"The institute receives no core funding from the British government but comes from a combination of research grants and fees from advisory work, teaching, and publication sales. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is the Institute's largest funder. IDS also receives funds from the European Union, various UN agencies, and a wide range of aid agencies, trusts and foundations. The Institute's annual turnover is around £12million and it has a total staff of about 200 and a current student body of more than 130." [2]


Accessed August 2008: [3]

Honorary Members

  • Hugh Beevor, Chair of the Royal Mint Board, London
  • Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, Director, Trade Division, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva
  • Mike Faber, Former Director of IDS
  • Carlos Fortin, Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD, Geneva
  • Paul Isenman, Former Head, Strategic Management of Development Cooperation Division, OECD, Paris
  • Richard Jolly, Research Associate and former Director of IDS
  • Emanuel de Kadt, Former Deputy Director of IDS
  • Alex Shakow, Former Executive Secretary, WB/IMF Development Committee, World Bank, Washington
  • John Toye, Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford, and former Director of IDS



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