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The following links for FAA intercept and shoot down procedures come from here:

"Standard FAA and DOD intercept and shoot down procedures were violated on 9-11. It is a FACT that standard intercept procedures for dealing with these kinds of situations ARE TOTALLY ESTABLISHED, IN FORCE and ON- LINE in these United States 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • FAA Order 7610.4J 'Special Military Operations' (Effective Date: November 3, 1998; Includes: Change 1, effective July 3, 2000; Change 2, effective July 12, 2001), Chapter 7, Section 1-2, "Escort of Hijacked Aircraft: Requests for Service."
  • For a clear and detailed description of flight plans, fixes, and Air Traffic Control, see 'Direct-To Requirements' by Gregory Dennis and Emina Torlak.
  • Absolutely NO executive-level input of ANY KIND is required for standard intercepts to be scrambled.

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