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International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) was founded in 1968 by U.S. consultant Joseph Napolitan and French consultant Michel Bongrand.

“Working with former Democratic Party chairman Lawrence O Brien, Napolitan had his first foreign election experience in the 1969 presidential campaign of Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippine dictator who, supported by five U.S. presidents, held power for 20 years. Napolitan also served as advisor to Venezuelan president Carlos Andrés Pérez (Bonner, 1987, p. 76; Bowler and Farrell, 2000, p. 162; Napolitan, 1999, pp. 24-25). Both heads of state were forced out of office following massive corruption charges, which raises questions about Napolitan’s and other consultants’ respect for ethical codes in their overseas employment.” [1]


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