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Interfund "was founded in 1986 as a consortium of donors mainly based in Europe (and in particular Scandinavia) to help advance democracy through offering financial support for South African civil society organisations....

"INTERFUND's core operations are aimed at the creation of partnerships in advancing democracy, development, social and economic justice, and poverty alleviation. The organisation is committed to the mobilisation of financial, as well as non-financial, resources to support civil society initiatives aimed at the transformation of power relations within society towards the eradication of poverty. In collaboration with the European Union, INTERFUND also provides a capacity building resource for its project partners in order to optimise the manner in which core functions of organisations are met. Although most of INTERFUND's funding has been received from international sources, as a local agency we are committed to forging partnerships with local, like-minded state agencies, companies and organisations....

"Currently INTERFUND provides support to more than 100 organisations in the following programme areas: Women and Gender; Human Rights and Democratisation; Arts and Culture; Environmental Sustainability; Economic Justice; Capacity Building /Skills Development and HIV/AIDS. INTERFUND also plays a lobbing and advocacy role around issues of social justice, poverty eradication, best practice in the development sector and the consolidation of democracy in South Africa.

"In collaboration with the South African National NGO Coalition (SANGOCO), INTERFUND publishes a quarterly journal called the Development Update and an annual publication called the Annual Review of the Voluntary Sector. These Journals reflect INTERFUND's commitment to contributing towards the development of the research capacity of civil society." [1]

"Interfund partners a range of projects from community based organisations like Tsa Botsogo Community Centre, NGOs such as Childline, umbrella and network organisations like the National Land Committee, Urban Sector Network, Treatment Action Campaign and NAPWA. "

In 2005 Christa Kuljian wrote an article titled "Why did Interfund close?"

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