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Iqbal Sacranie

In 2005 the BBC reported that: "During the early 1980s, he joined with many other Muslims in considering how to improve the position of the growing faith community within British society.

"Mr Sacranie was involved in a variety of groups which culminated in the formation of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in 1997, an umbrella body drawing support from hundreds of affiliates.

"He became the second secretary general of the body in 2002.

"In 1999, he was made an OBE in recognition of his efforts in the community, including his work for race relations, charity and in a former advisory role to the Home Office.

"But it is his organisation's response and leadership during the continued fall-out from the 9/11 attacks on the US that have marked his time at the head of the MCB.

"He has faced challenges to convince the Muslim communities that the body would gain influence in government and to convince government to listen to its arguments...

"But, while the MCB has strengthened its stance on Israel and the Palestinians, this has angered Jews in Britain, leading to Mr Sacranie losing a prestigious interfaith award last year." [1]

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