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"The Business Journals," including the Iraq Business Journal and business journals for Afghanistan and Kurdistan, are stated to "provide unique and timely information on a wide range of political, economic, business, security, and cultural issues designed specifically to assist investors and business managers with analysis, insight, and information necessary for successful operations."

"The Business Journals" website, last dated Friday, July 30, 2004, provides a link for Iraqex, the former name for the Lincoln Alliance Corporation's Lincoln Group. The Iraqex web link redirects to the Lincoln Group website. The North American contact address and phone numbers are the same as those for the Lincoln Alliance Corporation.

Although the website states that the journals "are published monthly and are available only as a web-based publication, updated daily if events and stories change," no links are provided to issues of the publications. The link to The Iraq Business Journal Index Files is no longer active and the WayBack Machine found "0 pages".

Contact Details

North American Headquarters:
1130 17th St NW Suite 400
Washington DC 20036
Tel: (202) 595-1350
Fax: (202) 595–0208

Middle East Headquarters:
Kindi Street District 211
Harthya, Baghdad, Iraq
Telephone: Bagdhad 914 360 5624 or +964 790 137 4965
Telephone: Basra & Um Qasr 965 756 7359
Satallite Phone: +88216 55508685