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The Iraqi Intelligence Service, according to the "Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period", Chapter 3, Article 27D, dated March 8, 2004, "shall collect information, assess threats to national security, and advise the Iraqi government. This Service shall be under civilian control, shall be subject to legislative oversight, and shall operate pursuant to law and in accordance with recognized principles of human rights."

According to Reuters news service, quoting The Washington Post, the Central Intelligence Agency plans to establish an Iraqi Intelligence Service. [1]

The domestic spy, a.k.a. "intelligence service" will "spy on groups and individuals inside Iraq that are targeting U.S. troops and civilians."

"Citing unidentified U.S. officials, the Post said the CIA plans to set up the new service with help from Jordan. Two members of an Iraqi exile group are at CIA headquarters in Virginia this week to work out details of the new program, the Post said.

"Iraqi Interior Minister Nouri Badran, a secular Shiite Muslim, has been selected to head the service initially, the Post said. Badran has worked with the CIA over the past decade to incite coups against Saddam Hussein.

"Badran and fellow Iraqi exile Ayad Alawi hope to recruit former Hussein officials for the service, an approach opposed by some Pentagon officials and Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress, the Post said."

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