Jackson Wells Morris and Dr. John Flynn

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In 1995-96, Dr John Flynn an Australian academic, collector and philanthropist - was unlawfully detained in New Delhi’s notorious Tihar Gaol for nearly two years with his lawyers’ failing in attempts to gain Australian Government intervention. The lawyers asked Jackson Wells Morris to develop a PR strategy to secure Dr Flynn’s release.

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  • Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, Helping Australians Abroad A Review of the Australian Government's Consular Services, Australian Senate, June 1997.
  • Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, Chapter 6: Foreign Judicial proceedings and custodial legal issues, Australian Senate, June 1997. (This is the chapter of the Senate committee report that deals specifically with Flynn's case.)
  • Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, "Dr John Flynn", September 19, 1995. (This media release, welcoming the decision of the High Court of India to overturn Dr John Flynn's detention as "a vindication of the Indian legal system - which as recently as this afternoon I was being invited by Dr Flynn's lawyer and Public Relations firm in Australia to challenge in a head-on and confrontational way".)
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