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From 2007: "Col. James J. Hentz, head of the Department of International Studies and Political Science at Virginia Military Institute, has been awarded the Duignan Distinguished Visiting Fellowship at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute.

"The fellowship will begin June 1 and last for approximately six weeks. Dr. Hentz will explore the dynamics of civil war across the Horn of Africa and examine how U.S. policy might address those conflicts. The title of his project is, "Old Wars and New Wars in the Horn of Africa: Conflict, Contagion and Chain Reactions."

"Most of Hentz’ research is in African studies, and his journal articles and book chapters have a wide audience and have been cited and assigned to classes at the undergraduate and graduate level across Africa, Europe and North America. His most recent contribution to African studies is the new journal, African Security, which began publication earlier this year. Hentz is the editor-in-chief.

"The fellowship, named for Hoover senior fellow emeritus Peter J. Duignan and his wife, Frances, is available to visiting scholars who have distinguished themselves through their research and writing about Africa, the Middle East, and Western Europe; all are areas on which Duignan focused during his career at the Hoover Institution. The fellowship includes a cash award." [1]


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