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James Robertson

"An Oxford-educated writer and speaker on monetary and economic affairs, James Robertson has been acclaimed as "the leading new economics writer in the UK." His best-known book is probably The Sane Alternative: A Choice of Futures (1978, 1983). Other books include Future Work: Jobs, Self-Employment and Leisure after the Industrial Age (1985), Future Wealth: A New Economics for the 21st Century (1990), Transforming Economic Life: A Millennial Challenge (1998), A New Economics of Sustainable Development (a Briefing for the European Commission) (2000), and Creating New Money: A Monetary Reform for the Information Age (co-authored with Joseph Huber) (2000). His latest book, Monetary Reform — Making it Happen! (coauthored with ISPO Founder and Director, John Bunzl) (2004) has been praised as "a brilliant treatment of a question which has never been so urgent" by Guardian columnist and author, George Monbiot.

"After serving on British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s staff during his "Wind of Change" tour of Africa in 1960, Robertson spent three years in the Cabinet Office. Following that he became Director of inter-bank research for the big British banks. In the mid-1980s Robertson was a prominent co-founder of The Other Economic Summit (TOES) and the New Economics Foundation. In October 2003, at the XXIX annual conference of the Pio Manzu Research Centre, Rimini, Italy (closely associated with the UN), he was awarded a gold medal for his "remarkable contribution to the promotion of a new economics grounded in social and spiritual values" over the past 25 years." [1]

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