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"As a child I was a natural medium with a particular affinity to earthbound spirits, ghosts, souls who for one reason or another hadn't moved on fully after death. At the time I didn't understand what was going on I was scared and confused, all I wan ted was to be normal, or at least the perception of 'normal' I had at that time. This was Essex in the 70s, I was the baby of the family and other than bugging my older brother and sister my reason for being consisted of listening to The Jam, pretending to be the dark haired one from Abba whilst singing badly into a hairbrush and hero worshiping classic American TV shows. Unsurprisingly I therefore kept it a secret for as long as I could, the paranormal wasn't something you spoke of and to be honest it freaked me out! The more I ignored the situation the more it intensified however, eventually fear for my own sanity drove me be open about my experiences with my family and seek professional help from the SAGB.

"The SAGB offered to teach me to control and master this ability which they explained was in fact completely natural, my energy body was simply wide open to all vibration levels...My training in the field of complementary therapies started almost 20 years ago. I was already a qualified massage therapist with an HND in Beauty Therapy but to be honest I'd always been more interested in what was going on on the outside than within, the change came when I discovered, as mentioned previously, clients experiencing healing benefits beyond the capabilities of massage during and shortly after treatments.

"I went on to train as a Spiritual Healer with the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) and took psychic development classes to discipline and learn to work with a natural ability to link in to other vibrations. This lead me to seek professional training with the SRF (Spirit Release Foundation) as a qualified Spirit Release Practitioner. During this time I gained Approved Healer status with the SAGB and my interest in past lives and their connection to our present health had become a deep-seated desire to know more. I read every book and article I could find on the subject.

"After reading Andy Tomlinson's 'Healing the Eternal Soul' I decided to train with the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) to become a Regression Therapist. The book was a light bulb moment for me, suddenly pieces of the puzzle regarding our make-up started to make sense. I needed to gain the appropriate skills first however and undertook a qualification in hypnosis with the PLRA. This opened my eyes to a whole area I had no previous knowledge of and I'm delighted to say often fills me with as much awe as the deeper regression work does. I'm all for enabling people to make quick, effective, positive changes to their day-to-day lives and health. I went on to train and qualify in Regression Therapy with the PLRA, the transformations I've witnessed through the use of Past Life Regression inspired me to then train in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression too and train to be a trainer for the PLRA myself.

"I regularly present workshops on various topics and as certified trainer and supervisor for the Past Life Regression Academy teach the Foundation in Hypnosis certificate training course and currently the Regression Therapy diploma course too. In 2010 I co-authored the book 'The Future of the Soul' with Ian Lawton, Tracey Robins and Hazel Newton available from Amazon." [1]

"I was trained in Spiritual Healing by the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) which is a member and founder member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations. The aim of the C.H.O. is to make healing acceptable to all including the medical profession. The aim of the Spiritual Healer is to offer a service to the medical profession, and to the sick, which is complementary to orthodox medicine and not an alternative to it." [1]


  • Hypnotherapist Dip Hyp & Regression Therapist Dip RTH
  • Spiritual Healer Approved Healer of the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain)
  • Spirit Release Practitioner Accredited therapist of the SRF (Spirit Release Foundation)


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