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Janina Gawler "is one of Australia’s most trusted consultants in community engagement, Indigenous relations and sustainable futures. During the past 20 years she has been engaged by leading Australian companies, governments and community groups to provide strategic responses to a range of issues. She designs and manages programs in community-based training and employment, regional economic development and small business incubation.

"Janina is a highly skilled negotiator and maintains a broad network of relationships with community, government and corporate leaders. Having worked with Aboriginal communities across Australia, she is able to engage with communities in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way. Among Janina’s career highlights:

  • Chief Executive Officer of the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)
  • Manager of Aboriginal Relations for Rio Tinto Group and later Chief Adviser for Sustainable Development for Argyle Diamonds, also Executive Officer of the Rio Tinto Aboriginal Foundation
  • Assistant Secretary of the Australian Government’s Employment Services Regulatory Authority Janina was responsible for creating a national network of indigenous-operated job placement and mentoring agencies for young Aborigines
  • Established a national training program on human rights for Aborigines on behalf of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
  • Mayor and Councilor of the rural Victorian City of Echuca.

"Janina holds a Bachelor of Arts in social and economic geography from Monash University and also a Graduate Diploma of Education. Born and educated in Melbourne, she lived with her husband Michael in Echuca, Victoria for many years where they raised their then young family." [1]


She was a project advisor for the report "Indigenous Employment: In The Australian Minerals Industry".

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