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Biographical Information

"Janis Roze is Professor Emeritus of Biology, City College and Graduate Center, City University of New York, where he is Senior Resident Scientist of the Americas Center on Science and Society. For many years, he was Research Associate of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, as well as Resident Scholar at the UN Institute for Training and Research and the UN Centre of Science and Technology for Development. As Fulbright Senior Scholar, Roze worked with several universities in Colombia. In Brazil, he is Director of the Ecological Institute of Buzios. Originally from Latvia, he worked for eleven years at the Central University of Venezuela where in 1962 he received the Venezuelan National Science Research Award. His books and articles cover a wide range of topics in herpetoloy, ecology, world and human development, and evolution. His latest book in Spanish is Evolución y Magia (2002), and he is coeditor of What Does It Mean To Be Human (2003) with F.Franck and R.Connolly, translated into Spanish and Chinese. He has produced several videos, such as Evolution and the Individual, narrated in Spanish and English, as well as The Serpent Fascination and Fear, in English and Italian."[1]


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  • Roze, Janis Toward a New Humanity. Kosmos. 2004.

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