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Jeff Corkill is Security Intelligence Consultant, Director and 'Principle' (sic) of the Perth-Australia-based security company s2i.

A biographical note states that "as a former Security Manger and Intelligence Adviser in the precious minerals industry he has advised, designed and implemented security, surveillance and intelligence management systems to support both strategic and operational commercial decisions. Jeff has extensive experience in developing security intelligence liaison networks domestically and internationally." [1]

"As a former Australian Military Intelligence Officer (Army) Jeff has extensive experience in strategic, operational and tactical intelligence. As the Officer Commanding Army Intelligence and Security Section Queensland, Jeff was the principle [sic] adviser on security and counter intelligence to all Army Commanders in the state. Jeff has extensive experience in developing base and facility security plans, managing security and counter-intelligence investigations and developing security and risk management policy. Jeff's research interests include security intelligence and executive decision making, the intersection of security, intelligence and occupational health and safety, and the role of intelligence in CCTV surveillance operations," it states. [2]

He is also "Chairman of the Edith Cowan University Security Science Consultative Committee and a sessional lecturer in the fields of intelligence and security in government. He is a member of the Board of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), an executive member of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) Security Special Interest Group and a member of ASIS International," it states. [3]

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