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Jeffrey T. Salmon is a former Dick Cheney speechwriter, former Marshall Institute Executive Director, and a global warming skeptic. He is currently (Jan. 2010[1]) Deputy Director for Resource Management in the Department of Energy's Office of Science, where he oversees decisions on its grants and budget[2] - apparently including climate research.[3]

Under the George W. Bush administration, he had risen to Associate Under Secretary for Science at the DOE, then "burrowed in" the summer before Bush left office.[4].



1985[1] Ph.D. in World Politics[1],[5] (or International Relations[6]), Catholic University of America


  • circa 1988, Senior Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University[5] (was there in Nov 1988)[8]
  • 2001-2002, Senior Policy Advisor to (and Director of Speechwriting for) Secretary of the Department of Energy Spencer Abraham[5]
  • 2002-?, Chief of Staff to the Director of the Office of Science at the DoE[1]
  • mid 2008 - present, Deputy Director for Resource Management in the Office of Science at the DoE[4],[1]

Climate actions

As the Marshall Institute's representative on the Global Climate Science Team, Salmon "participated in the development of a now-notorious oil industry-sponsored plan to wage a campaign against the mainstream science community on global warming."[9]

Salmon founded the Environmental Literacy Council in 1997.[5]

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