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Biographical Details

Founded the Coalition for Decency (CFD).

"Denton's name first came to the attention of the American public in 1966, during a television interview arranged by the North Vietnamese in Hanoi. ...

"Denton was elected to the United States Senate in November 1980. In so doing, he became the first Republican ever elected by popular vote to the U S. Senate from Alabama, the first resident of Mobile elected to the U.S. Senate, the first retired military flag officer and the first Catholic elected to any statewide office in Alabama, and the first retired Admiral or General elected to the U.S. Senate by any state.

"Denton served in the Senate from January 1981 to January 1987. His major committee assignments included: the Judiciary Committee where he chaired the Sub-Committee on Security and Terrorism; the Labor and Human Resources Committee where he was Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Aging, Family, and Human Services; the Armed Services Committee; and the Veterans Affairs Committee. He re-named and re-formed CFD as the National Forum Foundation with goals supporting National Security through Peace through Strength, the concept of One Nation under God, the strength of the institution of the family, and other goals paralleling and developing support for his principle Senate projects.

"In 1983, Senator Denton served as an observer of the El Salvadoran election and as a key advisor to President Reagan on the successful effort to stop the Nicaraguan Communist aggression in Central America and to replace the Communist government in Nicaragua with a free government headed by Madame Chamorro...

"In 1985, Denton established the highly acclaimed international aid program now known as The Denton Program. Working on a space available basis with the U.S. Military, this program has transported over 50 million pounds of critical equipment and supplies to needy people throughout the world at reduced or no cost to other international humanitarian organizations...

"In 1998, under the auspices of NFF, Denton established the TRANSFORM Program, which is similar to the Denton Program but uses commercial spare space. This Program has immeasurably greater potential for increased volume of shipping of aid and has been praised throughout the world for its work.

"In addition to his leadership of the National Forum Foundation, more recently renamed the Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation (AJDF)…<>. Denton presently lectures on national and international affairs; while serving as a Member of Board of Visitors of St. Thomas Aquinas College, the Advisory Council of Christendom College, the Board of Advisors of St. Augustine Academy and Thomas Aquinas College and as Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Thomas More Law Center. He also has primary responsibility as their Strategy Director. He is a member of the Board of, Inc. and of Judy McCloskey’s Catholic Military Organization.

"Senator Denton is married to the former Jane Maury. " [1] See Namebase

His son is James Denton.

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