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Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt (born: 1 November 1966) is a British Conservative Party politician who currently (April 2012) serves as the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and as the Member of Parliament for South West Surrey.

Biased in favor of Murdoch

In April 2012, a series of emails were released by the Leveson inquiry into press standards indicating there was a flow of information from Mr Hunt's office to News Corp advisers when the firm was bidding to take over BSkyB.[1] Eventually one of Hunt's junior assistants was sacked over the affair, but as of 28 April 2012, it was dubious Hunt could retain his job which includes regulating the media, and thus the News Corp acquisition of BSkyB.

Homeopathic Advocate

In May 2014 The Guardian reported that:

"The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, asked the chief medical officer to commission expert reviews of three homeopathic remedy studies carried out by a commercial French company – in spite of the CMO's publicly expressed belief that homeopathy is "rubbish".
"Dame Sally Davies, the CMO, has categorically dismissed homeopathy as a waste of time and money. "I am perpetually surprised that homeopathy is available on the NHS," she told the Commons science and technology committee in January 2013.
"Yet Hunt, who expressed support for homeopathy in 2007 before he joined the Department of Health, asked Davies to initiate reviews of three studies carried out by the French company Boiron, which have already been dismissed by scientific critics...
"Hunt's action followed lobbying from the strongly pro-homeopathy Tory MP David Tredinnick... " [1]

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