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Jill Reichstein is Chair of the Reichstein Foundation, "and with the legacy left by her father, has reshaped the foundation from a traditional supporter of established charities, to one actively involved in community development, social change and progressive philanthropy.

"Inspired by the work of Tracy Gary, who pioneered social change philanthropy in the US, Jill continues to work as a mentor for others who have inherited wealth. Under Jill’s guidance, the Reichstein Foundation has encouraged individuals and foundations to support social change philanthropy projects.

"In the early 1990’s Jill started the Women Donors Network, which was the genesis for Changemakers Australia, a progressive funders network officially launched in October 2005." [1]

"Jill is also active on several other community boards, including Koorie Heritage Trust, Australian Environmental Grantmakers network, Trust for Young Australians, Australia Centre, Melbourne University, Ethics Committee, Melbourne Hospital." [2]

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