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Biographical Information

"Jim Epstein is Chairman of EFO Capital Management, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based investment management firm with a highly diversified investment portfolio. He and his father founded the firm in 1981. In addition to investments with portfolio managers, bond managers, private equity partnerships and hedge funds, the firm has extensive experience with development of and/or investments in real estate across the country, including historic buildings, mini warehouses, apartments, condominiums and land development. Jim was a 2005 Knight Fellow at the University of Miami's School of Architecture Knight Program in Community Building. He currently serves as Chairman of DC Greenworks, a social and environmental enterprise organization focused exclusively on green roofs in the Chesapeake region. Jim is also an Emeritus Board member at Pathfinder International, a family planning service delivery organization that has worked in more than 80 countries over the last 50 years. He is a member of the Social Venture Network and the Threshold Foundation. His proudest accomplishments to date, however, are his two children, now in their teens." [1]

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