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"Joao Amorim is an Emmy Nominated Brazilian Director focusing on fusing animation and documentaries together. Joao is one of the founding partners of Postmodern Times, a media company focused on social and environmental films. Joao has directed and produced the web series “”, on the evolution of consciousness and ecology. He has worked world wide as an industrial designer, animator, and animation supervisor for many years prior to directing. He was the Head of Animation, on "Chicago 10", Brett Morgen's film that opened Sundance 2007, and for which Joao has been nominated for an Emmy in 2009. He has also directed commercials for BMW, Panasonic, Oceana, among others. Joao Directed many short films such as "Ferrets for Freedom" -a political short on which became a YouTube hit. He also directed the award winning "Don't get Charged up", on the recycling of batteries. He has worked as an animation director on:"Footsteps in Africa”, “For the next 7 Generations” and the upcoming “Ghetto Physics”.

"He is currently finishing his first feature documentary: “2012 Time for Change”, featuring among others David Lynch, Sting, Ellen Page, Gilberto Gil, and Paul Stamets. Furthermore Joao speaks 5 languages, meditates every day, paints, practices yoga and has a permaculture sustainability project in Brazil through his NGO “Ciclo Sustainable”. In 2008 his project “Sustainable unit” was a finalist at the Buckminster Fuller Challenge." [1]

"João has studied Super Adobe construction method at Cal-Earth with the late Nader Khalili (inventor of the technique); João has also studied Bio construction at Eco-Center Ipec and Agro forestry with Ernst Gotsch. João has been implementing Bio-construction techniques, rainwater harvesting, Solar Showers and dry composting toilets for the last few years at their site “Grota Funda”. João is also an active member of ciclo sustainable, a NGO set up to implement regenerative design techniques in Brazil ( In 2008 his project “Sustainable unit”, which combined shelter, food production, sanitation, rainwater harvesting and energy, was a finalist at the internationally acclaimed, Buckminster Fuller Challenge." [2]

"Our first episode, "Toward 2012", introduces the project explaining concepts from the best-selling book "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006) by Daniel Pinchbeck, in the author's own voice. Future segments will focus on shamanism, sustainability, alternative energy systems, the Mayan Calendar, quantum physics and synchronicity and a host of other subjects. , Directed by Joao Amorim and Nikos Katsaounis." [1]


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