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John G. Robinson (PhD, Zoology, University of North Carolina, 1977) "Senior Vice-President and Director, International Conservation, the Wildlife Conservation Society; Adjunct Professor, City University of New York, PhD Program in Anthropology; Courtesy Professor, Department of Wildlife Conservation, University of Florida; Affiliate Associate Curator, Florida Museum of Natural History. (

"Fields of Study: Conservation biology; tropical forest conservation; ethnozoology; primate sociobiology and ecology (especially Cebidae); evolutionary biology; wildlife hunting and trading.

"Current Research Interests: My interests are in the application of ecological and behavioral theory to conservation planning. My research has focused on neotropical forestry, with an increasing emphasis on the consequences of forest fragmentation and subsistence hunting on wildlife populations. This has led me to evaluate the mutual dependencies of humans and the natural world, and specifically to analyze the concept of sustainable use. Primates in particular are vulnerable to human induced disturbance, both directly and through landscape changes. My primatological research focuses on the determinants of reproductive success in primates, and relies on long-term field studies of primates in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil." [1]

"John joined the New York Zoological Society (now the Wildlife Conservation Society) in 1990, where he has continued an interest in hunting and wildlife trade, and the sustainable use of natural resources. He has undertaken extensive field work in Latin America and Asia, and has published over 180 books and papers. He is a past President of the Society for Conservation Biology. John serves on a number of international conservation commissions and committees, including three for the IUCN: the Sustainable Use Advisory Group, the Commission on Ecosystem Management and the Species Survival Commission, as well as the editorial boards of three scientific journals (Conservation Biology, Wildlife Conservation, Animal Conservation and Oryx). His current board affiliations include TRAFFIC, Tropical Forest Foundation, and Foundations of Success." [2]

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