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"John Kozinski is one of the pioneers of natural health and macrobiotic education in the United States. For 37 years he has taught and counseled over 30,000 people in his private practice and at the Kushi Institute where he has the distinction of being the only senior faculty member with 27 years of uninterrupted tenure (1986- April 2013). John has trained many macrobiotic teachers and counselors working in this field today.

"John Kozinski, MEA, is a senior macrobiotic teacher, health counselor, Ki acupressure bodywork practitioner (shiatsu), Qigong/Do In Chinese immune strengthening exercise teacher, macrobiotic cook and natural health researcher for over 37 years. He is a master of the art of oriental diagnosis. "[1]


  • Macrobiotic Family Private Practice 1976 to present (
  • Kushi Institute Faculty Member 1986 to April 2013 in Boston and Becket, MA
  • Macrobiotic Center of Connecticut: Executive Director, macrobiotic counseling, teaching and shiatsu massage
  • Portsmouth New Hampshire: Macrobiotic teacher, counselor and shiatsu practitioner

Macrobiotic counseling assistant to Michio Kushi

  • Macrobiotic acupuncture doctor’s assistant: assisted in acupuncture sessions and provided macrobiotic dietary counseling and shiatsu massage
  • Blake Gould’s Vermont Macrobiotic Center: taught yoga corrective exercises and macrobiotic dietary counseling
  • Macrobiotic Foundation of Connecticut: Macrobiotic teacher, counselor and shiatsu practitioner
  • Public lectures, macrobiotic counseling and exercise classes in Singapore, Ecuador, Canada, California, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Washington DC
  • Miami Macrobiotic Winter Conference: teacher
  • Orlando Macrobiotic Spring Conference: teacher
  • Balancing Point Macrobiotic Restaurant: Head Chef
  • Erewhon Natural Foods: store clerk

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