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The Johns-Manville Corporation formed with the 1901 merger of the the H.W. Johns Manufacturing Company, founded in 1858 in New York, New York to manufacture asbestos roofing and the Manville Covering Company, founded in 1886 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to manufacture asbestos insulation. It reincorporated in 1926 under its current name and went public in 1927 with Financier J.P. Morgan buying largest percentage of stock. In 1930, it was selected to join Dow Jones Industrials. In 1958, the corporation entered the fiber glass business by purchasing L.O.F. Glass Fibers, of Ohio.[1]

The company was sued for asbestos injuries starting in 1966. [1][2]. The final suits were setted in 2004. [3] The company went through a series of bankruptcies, eventually changing its name to Schuller. Schuller announced that the Board voted unanimously to ask the shareholder to approve changing the company's name back to Johns Manville Corporation at annual meeting, May 2, 1997. [4] After a merger deal fell through with Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and Bear Stearns Merchant Banking, New York, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway bought Johns Manville for $13 per share on Dec. 19, 2000.[5]. Its current product line includes building insulation, mechanical insulation, commercial roofing, and roof insulation, fibers and nonwoven materials for industries including aerospace, automotive and transportation, air handling, appliance, HVAC, pipe and equipment, filtration, waterproofing, building, flooring, interiors, and wind energy. [6]

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P. O. Box 5108,
Denver, Colorado 80217-5108
Phone: 303.978.2000
Email: contact form on website

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