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Jonathan Eastwood "studied under Dr. Greenfeld and received a doctorate in History and Sociology from the University Professors Program at Boston University in 2004. Dr. Eastwood subsequently took a position as Lecturer for the Committee on Social Studies at Harvard University. In 2004, he published "Positivism and Nationalism in 19th Century France and Mexico" (Journal of Historical Sociology). He is currently Asistant Professor of Sociology at Washington and Lee University, and recently received a Fulbright for his project on nationalism and liberalism in Venezuela. The grant will allow him to spend three months in Caracs this summer (2007), where he will continue the work he begun, initially in his dissertation and which is now a newly published book, "The Rise of Nationalism in Venezuela" (University Press of Florida, 2006). Dr. Eastwood is also working on a variety of questions concerning the nature of political identity in the Spanish and Latin American intellectual and social worlds." [1]

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