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From a Henry Jackson Society publication profile:[1]

Jonathan Fisher QC is a barrister who has been in full time practice for nearly thirty years, with wide experience in civil and criminal cases. The UK Bar Guide 2012 records that "sources praise him for his gravitas and his very good, clear advice" and describes him as "an experienced and active silk with a diplomatic and thoughtful style." In addition, the author is a Visiting Professor of Law at the London School of Economics, an Honorary Visiting Professor at the City Law School (City University London), a Chartered Tax Adviser and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, an accredited Trusts and Estates Practitioner, General Editor of Lloyds Law Reports: Financial Crime, Honorary Steering Committee Member of the London Fraud Forum, and a Committee Member of the International Bar Association Anti-Money Laundering Group. He was a Trustee Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel between 2006 and 2010, a Steering Group Member of the Assets Recovery Agency between 2003 and 2006, and Standing Counsel (Criminal) to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue at the Central Criminal Court and London Crown Courts between 1991 and 2003.
The author is extremely familiar with human rights law and civil liberties. In 2006 he gave evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs following publication of his monograph, "A British Bill of Rights and Obligations." He edited a paper entitled "A Modern Bill of Rights" published by the Society of Conservative Lawyers in 2007 and was a member of the Bill of Rights Commission established by the Conservative Party during the last Parliament. Between 2006 and 2010 he was Chairman of Research for the Society of Conservative Lawyers. In March 2011, he was appointed a Commissioner on the Bill of Rights Commission established by the Coalition Government.



Jonathan Fisher QC
Devereux Chambers
Temple, London
fisher AT


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