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Joshua Sparling is a "disabled 82nd Airborne Division veteran" wounded in Iraq in 2005 "who says he was mistreated by anti-war protestors at a Jan. 29 [2007] rally in Washington, D.C.," Myron Pitts wrote February 8, 2007, in The Fayetteville Observer.

"Sparling and a few dozen others went to the National Mall to stage a counterprotest amid the tens of thousands of people denouncing U.S. involvement in Iraq," Pitts wrote. "Sparling says he was cursed at, called names and threatened with physical harm."

"Since then," Pitts wrote, "calls and letters have come in from the other side. A number of blogs and Internet sites have detailed Sparling’s activities, too. ... All together, they paint a different picture of Sparling: It is a picture of a seasoned political activist, maybe even a conservative plant, who went out of his way to provoke anti-war protestors."

Sparling told Pitts that "he was a friend of conservative radio and TV commentator Sean Hannity. That was by way of explaining how he wound up on Fox News, where he gave his side of the protest and also proposed to his girlfriend.

"He is not exaggerating his connections. He has been linked not only to Hannity but to conservative figures Ann Coulter and Oliver North, and has participated in rallies with both. A steady stream of stories has detailed his alleged run-ins with liberal activists," Pitts wrote.

After returning from the January 27, 2007, counterprotest in Washington, D.C., Kristinn Taylor—co-founder and spokesman of the Washington D.C. Chapter of the conservative group Free Republic and future Gathering of Eagles media contact, reported that Sparling was spat at by protesters. The post was picked up by Michelle Malkin and garnered over 600 replies.

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