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Justice Africa "is a research institute and advocacy organisation founded in 1999 in London to campaign for human rights and social justice across Africa." [1]


National Endowment for Democracy: Grants By Country


Partners involved in or supporting our programme work include: [2]


Accessed November 2007: [3] Directors

Programme Staff


  • Richard Dowden - Director of the Royal African Society, and a long-standing and noted commentator on the politics of Africa; having previously been the Africa editor of The Economist. Richard also sits on the board of the African Arguments series of books published by Zed Books, which is jointly produced by Justice Africa.
  • Christine Tominke Olaniyan, PADEAP - Programme Director of the Pan-African Development Education and Advocacy Programme (PADEAP). Christine currently works between London and the PADEAP Community Information centres in Kampala (Uganda) and Funtua (Nigeria).
  • Sulaiman Rahal - Director of Nuba Survival, a Sudanese advocacy group, and Editor-in-Chief of the Nuba Vision newsletter. An epidemiologist by training, Suleiman has been devoted in the last decades to promoting the cause of these marginalised people, and campaigning for greater human rights in Sudan.

Researchers & Associates

Project on HIV/AIDS in the Police and Other Uniformed Services


Web: http://www.justiceafrica.org

Resources and articles

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