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Karen Brauer is the President of U.S. based group Pharmacists for Life.

Brauer was fired by an Ohio Kmart pharmacy after refusing to fill a birth control prescription. Media Matters of Merica reports that in an interview on the Fox News program the O'Reilly Factor she revealed she also lied to the patient, saying they didn't have the drug in stock when in fact they did.

"Presumably, the mere act of lying to a patient would have been reason enough for Brauer to be fired; at the least, it seems to be a direct violation of the American Pharmacists Association's "Principles of Practice for Pharmaceutical Care," which state: 'Interaction between the pharmacist and the patient must occur to assure that a relationship based upon caring, trust, open communication, cooperation, and mutual decision making is established and maintained'," wrote Jamison Foser.

Brauer has also made numerous far-right statements on online newsgroups.


  • "Birth control serves to make women sexually available to men at the convenience of men and not at the most convenient time necessarily for women. It's really to place women at the service of men." The Daily News of Los Angeles, December 31, 2004 cited by Media Matters of America

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