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"Karen Gaia Pitts, Project Coordinator, Maasai Harmonial Development & Sustainability (U.S.), Transition Earth

"Karen Gaia Pitts has lived in California most of her life. Her professional career was in information technology and web development.

"She started traveling the world in 1995, with a trip to China, where she saw that every piece of land, except in the mountains, was in use by the population. Karen has traveled to most of Asia, parts of Africa, and Central and South America. She found her travels were most enjoyable in rural areas and everywhere she went she studied sustainability, women’s empowerment, family planning, and girls education.

"In 1997 she started a website called World Population Awareness.

"In 2016 Karen’s partner went to Tanzania and visited a former student he had once sponsored, who lived in a remote Maasai village. There, a woman stood up in front the assembly of villagers, and asked for several things, including education and family planning. Upon hearing that, Karen got hooked into supporting the Maasai project and helping them meet their many challenges. " [1]

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