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Kay Johnson is the Executive Vice President of the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA), a lobby group for some U.S. agriculture interests. She took on the role in May 2004 after Bruce Andrews, the previous presidnet, retired from the position.

The AAA's annual return to the Internal Revenue Service for the year to April 2004 stated that Johnson was paid $92,400 for her 35-hour a week job. [1]

A media release announcing her new role stated that she had "been with the Alliance since its inception, and served as Executive Director of its predecessor association, the Animal Industry Foundation, since 1994." [2]

"In her new role, she will be taking on additional responsibilities including fundraising, managing all administrative functions, staff and resource development opportunities for the non-profit association. Johnson will retain her responsibilities in supervising issue management, programs and delivery tasks," the media release stated. [3]

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