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Kent Wold was an R.J. Reynolds regional director and public affairs employee.

According to his 1995 performance summary, Wold

  • Planned, organized and lead an internal task force involving large scale use of grassroots, communications and lobbying programs that resulted in the defeat of a 25 cent a pack cigarette tax bill in New Jersey proposed by the governor.
  • Organized a lobbying program in Massachusetts that lead to the defeat in the budget

conference committee of a nicotine regulation and ingredients disclosure provision.

  • Coordinated an information and lobbying program with RJR lobbyists that lead to the defeat or delay of tobacco Medicaid liability legislation in seven state legislatures.
  • Worked with state coalitions and with RJR resources to enact favorable (to the tobacco industry) tort reform legislation in New Jersey and Oregon.
  • Retained and trained a New Hampshire lobbyist who was instrumental in defeating a

cigarette tax increase proposal that was pending in the legislative budget conference committee.

  • Developed and implemented a plan to transfer company legislative authority to

departmental colleagues for Washington,Oregon and Ohio .Organized program to brief new Tobacco Institute field vice presidents.

  • Planned, budgeted and implemented successful legislator staff programs in Ohio,

Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

  • Made several RJR PAC solicitation presentations that resulted in increased contributions.
  • Organized and implemented a New York Attorney General meeting to dissuade him from

endorsing or filing suit on the Medicaid liability recovery issue.[1]

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