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Kevin Marchman is the Board Secretary of the National Organization of African-Americans in Housing, an African American housing advocacy and support group. He founded NOAAH in March 1998 at the same time that he formed KMX Partners "with the purpose of assisting local governments and private organizations in the design, training and implementation of affordable housing strategies." [1]


In December 1993 Marchman was appointed by President Bill Clinton as Deputy Assistant Secretary, Distressed and Troubled in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. [2] Prior to his appointment Marchman had been "the executive director of the Denver Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver, Colorado since 1990." Prior to this Marchman was deputy chief of staff in the office for Mayor Federico Pena in Denver, Colorado. Between 1978 and 1988 Marchman had held a range of positions in the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. [3]

In July 2003 he was appointed as executive director of Boulder County Housing Authority.

Defending New Coal Power Stations

While NOAAH's primary focus in on housing issues, in September 2006 Marchman wrote to politicians "urging them to support construction of 11 coal-fired plants in Texas." Marchman claimed that "the power plants would bring affordable, reliable energy to low- income residents." [4] In an accompanying media release Marchman wrote that he approeciated "the concerns that many leaders have about the environmental impact of coal-fired plants. And I fully support efforts to continue to pressure TXU and other utilities to keep prices down and to make allowances for low-income consumers." [5]

... and Defending Monsanto's Milk Hormone

In December 2006 Marchman issued a public statement calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban dairy companies from marketing milk as free of from Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone. NOAAH claims that the milk produced without using rGBH is "identical" to that using the drug and that marketing milk as free of the hormone was a "deceptive practice" that "is generating unnecessary confusion and anxiety" among low-income consumers. [6] In a letter to the FDA reproduced with the media release on the website of Truth About Trade and Technology - a pro-biotech group, NOAAH Board Secretary Kevin Marchman, urged the FDA "to stop this type of deceptive milk-labeling practice that cheats consumers and raises unwarranted fears." [7]

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