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Kimbell Sherman Ellis is a Vermont-based lobbying firm.

A 1993 internal budget review document for the Philip Morris group of companies had Kimbell and Sherman with a preliminary budget allocation of $150,000.

"Bob Sherman and Steve Kimbell are former members of Governor Kunin's administration. Mr Sherman was the Governor's press secretary and Mr Kimbell was the chief legislative counsel. Their value to KGF is in their ties to the current Dean administration and with the legislature. They are also experts in the solid waste area and are one of the most substantively based firms in the KGF group. Kimbell and Sherman were retained to advance PM's solid waste model bill and succeeded in achieving that goal. They are also charged with achieving regulatory implementation of the bill. Because of their broad experience, the company has also been retained to provide general consulting services, replacing the Madison Group/Earle Palmer Brown, which has dissolved effective August 1".

(KGF is the acronym for Kraft General Foods).

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