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Korean-American Association

"Since its founding in 1963 by a group of interested Korean and American citizens, the Association has had a continuous history of activities. Korea and the United States have traditionally maintained their close friendly relations, However, such close relationship between the two countries can no longer be taken for granted. in order to maintain and further strengthen such relationship, the Association is constantly making its untiring efforts to solidify the strong relationship between the two countries." [1]


Accessed April 2008: [2]

  • Won-Soon Lee - 1963-77 - Chairman, Hankook Securities; Advisor, The Federation of Korean Industries; President, Haekwang Development
  • In-Sang Song - 1977-98 - Minister of Finance, ROK ; Chairman & President, The Export-Import Bank of Korea; Advisor, Hyosung Corporation
  • Se-Yung Chung]] - 1998-2001- Chairman, Hyundai Business Group; Chairman, Hyundai Motor Company; Honorary Chairman, Hyundai Development & Company
  • Pyong-Hwoi Koo - 2001-president - Advisory Board Member, LG group; Chairman, Korea International Trade Association; Chairman, Bidding Committee for 2002 World Cup in Korea; Honorary Chairman, LG-Caltex Gas Co., Ltd.

Korean-American Friendship Award

"The first award was presented to Dr. Horace G. Underwood last year. This association decided the late General James A. Van Fleet and General Paik Sun-Yup as the awardees of the 2003 Korean-American Friendship Award. They always devotedly served for strengthening the Korean-American alliance and enhancing the Korean-American relations at every opportunity." [3]

Donald P. Gregg received the 2007 award.


Web: http://www.i-kaa.org

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