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Biographical Information

"Krystyna - (High Hope Commons, Texas and Panama, 57) Social entrepreneur, Links on Purpose, Dreamer and Facilitator, Rites of Passage Guide, Carrier of Council, Mentor Krystyna is fueled through her own curiosity and questions. As a child she learned from a broad diversity of landscapes and languages, spending her early years in the wilds of Brazil, followed by cement jungles in Europe and the USA.

"Passion, ignorance and destiny have been the contexts into which Krystyna experiments with and applies her inquiry into living laboratories for learning – through artistic and entrepreneurial forms. As a co-founder of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (, she learned how little she really knew about the visible and invisible principles guiding the relationship between land, people and animals. It is here she began to meet the cultural myths and beliefs that have driven human behavior’s attempt to act “with dominion” over and above all other forms of life. She continues to listen for ways to live an inter-dependent equanimity and cooperation with the currency of nature.

S"he divides her time among social change organizations and systemic exchange efforts that create opportunities for people to build engaged relationships of service between the known and unknown. She has been led to make available places for retreat and sanctuary to those who seek to be with nature, for guidance and reflection. Through learning directly with the natural world, indigenous elders and many lifelong teachers , she now guides people into the wilderness, into community , into themselves and their work in the world ...Krystyna joined the Beyond Boundaries vision as supporter, friend and co-traveler participating for the launch and pilgrimage of service to Tamera in Portugal. "[1]


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