Labour Party General Election Manifesto

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The Labour Party General Election Manifesto sets out the British Labour Party's programme ahead of a general election.

Media speculation about the contents of the 2005 Labour election manifesto

  • "The government is today set to announce a ban on smoking in many workplaces and anywhere serving food, to come into effect within the next two years... The plans outlined today are expected to be part of Labour's election manifesto ahead of the expected general election next spring. The ban will make its way onto the statute books in 2006." Hélène Mulholland, The Guardian, 16 November 16, 2004 [1].
  • "The election manifesto will revolve around the "personalisation" of services such as schools and hospitals, an insistence that they must offer more choice to the citizens who use them. The "new localism" creed demands more local control over these basic services, allowing people to elect the management of hospital and police boards." Brian Brady, Scotland on Sunday, 21 November, 2004 [2].

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