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Lloyd Newman was generally known as Larry Newman at Philip Morris. He worked as an external science administrator for the company, and his brother Frederic S Newman generally known as just Fred Newman was Deputy Legal Counsel (the inhouse lawyer looking after science corruption). Both brothers were intimately involved in many of the industry scams at a top executive level.

The brothers also ran Newman Partners Ltd (NPL) on the side which did scientific PR for the company -- apparently with the full knowledge of other PM executives. Newman Partners Ltd ran a database on Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) adverse health research for Philip Morris, and helped them plan on how to use the Varela Study to counter solid research showing that thousands of people possibly died from the increased pollution from cigarette smoke in the air.

Fred Newman was 'let go' from Philip Morris towards the end of 1990, for unexplained reasons, and he either retired or joined his brother in the company. His name simply disappears from the archives.

Frederic S Newman
Newman Partners Ltd,
Varela Study
EPA's ETS Risk Assessment

Documents & Timeline

1990 Nov 5 Deputy Legal Counsel to Philip Morris, Fred Newman, was both an internal counsel and the brother of Larry (actually Lloyd L Newman) who controlled external scientific research. They jointly ran a firm on the side know as Newman Partners Ltd. (NPL) This was also called the Newman Firm in some tobacco documents and Newman Partnership in others. It became temporarily used for science PR advice by Philip Moriss.

See Tom Osdene diary on page 20 which notes that he talked over with Charlie Green a number of matters including: