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LLM Communications is the UK lobbying firm, formed in 1997 by former Labour Party aides, which was at centre of the the 1998 LobbyGate "Cash for access" scandal which rocked the relatively new New Labour administration [1]. It has approximately 20 employees and 30 clients. In July 2005 LLM was acquired by financial PR group Financial Dynamics

"LLM Communications is a strategic communications consultancy specialising in public affairs advice to major companies, trade associations, public and voluntary sector bodies. Combining specialist consultancy skills in public policy, stakeholder relations and media strategy, we provide senior management with a fully integrated public affairs service." [2]

It is paid by its client The Town and Country Finance Issues Group (TACFIG) to do research and preparation for Town and Country APPG meetings.

Previous names of LLC Communications inlcude Ibis (351) Ltd and Lawson Lucas Mendelsohn Ltd.

According to Tory MP John Redwood, LLM is 40 per cent owned by Robert Stevens Holdings, which in turn is owned by trustees in Jersey, Bedell and Cristin. Bedell and Cristin Trustees is owned by Premier Circle Ltd. and Second Circle Ltd., which is owned by Premier Circle Ltd. and Third Circle Ltd., which is owned by Premier Circle Ltd. and Second Circle Ltd. [3]


Selected clients


LLM Communications Ltd 21A Noel Street London W1V 3PD

Private Limited Company, company no 03314777.