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League for Industrial Democracy (LID) - formerly known as the Intercollegiate Socialist Society.

"The league was established in 1905 to educate students and other members of society about socialist principles of democracy and labor. Over the years it lost its progressive orientation and by the 1950s became involved with the CIA in efforts to combat communism." Now dominated by anticommunists, its board is composed primarily of neoconservatives associated with the Social Democrats USA and the international institutes of the AFL-CIO.
"Included among LID ranks are Sol Chaikin, Eric Chenowith, William Doherty, Evelyn Dubrow, Larry Dugan, Jr., Norman Hill, David Jessup, John T. Joyce, Tom Kahn, Jay Mazur, Joyce Miller, Albert Shanker, Donald Slaiman, John T. Sweeney, and Lynn R. Williams. Penn Kemble and Roy Godson, a specialist in labor and intelligence theory, are also LID directors. The league received a NED grant in 1985 "for a study on the interrelationship between democratic trade unions and political parties, with special emphasis on socialist and social democratic parties, to examine their attitudes toward U.S. labor, foreign-policy, [and] economic issues."" [1]

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People (1989)

"The current board members are: Steve Bieringer, Kenneth Blaylock, Charles Bloomstein, Rony Bauman, George Cadbury, Eric Chenowith, Edward J. Cleary, Daniel Curtin, Wilbur Daniels, William C. Doherty, Jr., Sandra Feldman, Rita Freedman, Morris L. Fried, Samuel H. Friedman, Walter Galenson, Roy Godson, Msgr. George G. Higgins, Norman Hill, Velma Hill, Thomas Y. Hobart, Rachelle Horowitz, David Jessup, Gilbert Jonas, John T. Joyce, Penn Kemble, Joel Klaverkamp, Harvey Klehr, Israel Kugler, Irena Lasota, Seymour Martin Lipset, Harry Lopatin, Leon Lynch, Herbert Magidson, Ray Marshall, Jay Mazur, R. Bruce McColm, Bruce A. Miller, Joyce D. Miller, Emanuel Muravchik, Michael Novak, Frederick O'Neal, Michael S. Perry, Arch Puddington, Seymour Reisin, John P. Roche, Paul Seabury, Bert Seidman, Donald Alaiman, Jessica Smith, Irwin Suall, John J. Sweeney, Ludmilla Thorne, Gus Tyler, Armando Valladares, Ben Wattenberg, Lynn R. Williams, William Julius Wilson. (1)

"The National Council for 1989 is Robert J. Alexander, Jervis Anderson, Shelley Appleton, Jack Barbash, Gregory J. Bardacke, Solomon Barkin, Arnold Beichman, Jacob Clayman, Bernard J. Englander, Paul Feldman, Harry Fleischman, Benjamin A. Gebiner, Feliks Gross, Donald Harrington, Julius Manson, Henock Mendelsund, Amicus Most, Morris Novik, James G. O'Hara, Paul R. Porter, Herman Rebhan, Frank Riessman, Vera Rony, Eugene V. Roston, Rebecca C. Simonson, Jacob Sheinkman, William Stern, Monroe Sweetland, Harold Taylor, J. C. Turner, Rowland Watts, Mina Weisenberg, and Morris Weisz." [1]

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