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’’’Lebanese Center for Policy Studies’’’ (LCPS) ”established in 1989, has an extensive record of work in public policy. LCPS, headquartered in Beirut , is a non-partisan not for profit research center with a practical aim. Although research and publication are central to the center's objectives, advocacy, training, and cooperative efforts are also a large part of the work of LCPS.

”While LCPS focuses on Lebanon the center does work throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. LCPS is concerned with a variety of issues including governance, elections, social and economic development, judicial reforms, and media reform.

”LCPS employs a substancial staff to coordinate its efforts. However, because of the breadth of work, LCPS often utilizes a network of experts in Lebanon and the Arab region. Additionally the center works in concert with other local, regional, and international organiztions including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and the UNDP.” [1]

Listed as a partner organization of the International Center for Transitional Justice.


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Received grants from the NED via the Center for International Private Enterprise in:

  • 1995: "CIPE, on behalf of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) received NED funds to undertake a unique research and advocacy program to generate dialogue and build consensus among public and private sector leaders regarding the country's economic future. LCPS will select the country's leading economic experts to analyze five priority areas essential to rebuilding Lebanon's infrastructure. The results of each study will be presented in a public forum attended by economic decision makers. Each forum will result in a series of specific policy recommendations that will be broadly distributed to government, private sector and media representatives."
  • 1997: ”The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace, based in Beirut, received renewed Endowment support for the second phase of a three-year project to produce a three-volume collection entitled "You and the Law," which seeks to describe in easily understandable terms citizens' rights and duties under Lebanese law. For this second phase, the Foundation will engage approximately twenty researchers, lawyers, administrators, teachers, journalists and students in the preparation and writing of a guide on "Daily Life and Social Services." The guide is intended to provide citizens with a precise and clear description of the procedures to be followed for accessing the public services that are supposed to be managed by government, such as water and telephone lines, and will be used to impress upon public officials the serious need for administrative reform.”
  • 2005: "To assess the private sector in Lebanon and develop recommendations on how to strengthen institutions and improve private sector participation in policymaking. CIPE will work with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies to identify barriers to economic development, develop solutions to address these obstacles, and advocate these solutions to policymakers."

They also received a direct NED grant in 2005 "To inform debate and discussions on democracy. LCPS will re-launch its Arabic language quarterly journal, Aba'ad (Dimensions), with analytical research and writing about democratic trends and good governance, linking events in Lebanon to others unfolding in the region." [2]

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Web: http://www.lcps-lebanon.org/web04/english/index.html