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LiNK "was founded on March 27, 2004, the final day of the conference, as leaders, young and old, gathered together and dedicated themselves to the cause of becoming voices for the voiceless...

"The all-volunteer movement began to delve into activism, first by participating in protests, petition drives and public awareness campaigns. In December of 2004, LiNK sent two teams to the border of China and North Korea on factfinding missions, to interview North Korean refugees in person and to investigate the conditions they faced. It was on this trip that LiNK’s investigators found that many North Korean orphans lived on the streets, were vulnerable to traffickers, and had no protection from the authorities. LiNK team members left China having established the first two shelters in what would grow to become Project: Safe Haven...

"Over the next year, LiNK began to engage in more extensive field projects and high–level advocacy, while continuing to expand its chapters. As of March, 2007, LiNK marked 100 chapters worldwide, throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Korea." [1]


According to their 2006 Annual Report their total operating revenue in 2005 was 35,076 (no units mentioned), 4,700 of which came from Freedom House. In 2006, their total operating revenue was 142,775, of which 29,990 came from Freedom House. [2]


"In December of 2004, experts and students gathered at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss North Korean human rights, legislation and refugees. Sponsored by LiNK and University Alliance for North Korean Democracy (UA4NKD), this open symposium educated the public on North Korean human rights. Featured speakers were from UA4NKD, LiNK, Good Friends, NKgulag and North Korean Database Center." [3]



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