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Liu Binyan (deceased 5 December 2006)

"In 1989, Liu Binyan, then China's most prominent journalist, was a Neiman fellow at Harvard University. He was not permitted to return to China. Since September 1989, as part of the Princeton China Initiative, he has compiled, edited, and published China Focus, a monthly newsletter analyzing political and economic issues. In 1990, Liu published his autobiography, A Higher Kind of Loyalty, and another book, China's Crisis, China's Hope." [1]

"One of twentieth-century China's most distinguished and revered writers, Liu Binyan, died in New Brunswick, New Jersey on December 5. The cause of death was advanced colon cancer that had spread to other organs. He was 80 years old.

"Among his many accomplishments, Binyan headed the NED-supported Princeton China Initiative, an independent center for Chinese dissident intellectuals in exile. While at the Initiative, Binyan compiled, edited, and published China Focus, a monthly English-language newsletter analyzing political and economic issues that were not often reported in the mainstream press. Binyan also edited The Road, a Chinese-language newsletter that gave readers inside China access to ideas and information otherwise blocked by state censorship. Both publications were edited by his wife, Zhu Hong, an accomplished editor and translator." [2]