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Lorin Lindner, Ph.D., MPH "has been a clinical psychologist and health educator for over 20 years. She operates three rehabilitation programs for homeless men and women and one large sanctuary for homeless birds. She sees the problems of homelessness, and the conditions leading to it, as largely sociopolitical requiring a personal and community commitment. She recommends getting involved in something you love and devoting yourself to others (including other species), and believes it is an elixir of grace and compassion that will change the very way the world is conceived. Dr. Lindner’s publications include: To Love Like a Bird and Kinship with the Animals, 1998, edited by Michael Tobias and Kate Solisti-Mattelon; “Re-sensitizing Society” in the Journal of the American College of Forensic Examiners, July/August 1999. " [1]

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